Registering your Amplefi account

**NOTE: Use Google Chrome at all times during this process.  DO NOT use Internet Explorer.**


After you have received confirmation from your system administrator, visit to set up your account. 


1. From the login screen, select "Sign Up"



2. Type the email address your system administrator used to approve your access. Use lower case only. (This is most often your work place provided email address) 


3. Select your method of verification and click 'Create Account'.  A six digit verification code will be sent to your mobile device or email inbox depending on your chosen method of verification.  (If you chose email verification please be sure to check your spam folders for our email.) 


4. Type your name, password, and 6 digit verification code and press 'Complete Registration'. 



5. You will be redirected back to the login screen. Input your username and password and press login.  

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