How do I contact the Amplefi Team for assistance?

If you have questions or requests that aren't covered in our articles available here on the Help Center, you have the option of submitting a request directly to the Amplefi Support Team.


To submit a request from the Help Center (full site), click the link on the top left hand corner of the page that says "Submit a Request". 



On the mobile site, the submit a request button is at the bottom of your screen on the Help Center home page and on each article after the comments section.



Then, fill out the form with your email address, the reason for your request, and a quick description of your problem. You also have the option to submit attachments, such as a screen shot of your specific issue.



This is what the form looks like on the mobile site. 





A confirmation of your request will be sent to the email address you submitted. 




Any and all responses from our Support Team will appear as a part of this email thread. 



You can also reply to this email with supplemental information.



When our Support Team resolves your issue, please discontinue replying.  Instead, create a new request.







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